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As we know, many types of vacuum pumps with different mechanisms are produced for different uses. These include spiral diaphragm piston rotary pumps, which each of them include several types of vacuum pumps. For example, rotary liquid or circulating water vacuum pumps and vane rotary pumps are among the rotary pumps. Therefore, Dezpart produces its products based on the needs of the vacuum industry, including oil vane rotary pumps in different volumes. Therefore, in the second step, multi-stage vacuum pumps, which create higher negative pressure, are among the production line of Dezpart products.

Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 80 is one of the most widely used vacuum pumps produced by Dezpart and has many applications in various industries.

These industries include the industry of vacuum forming machines, packaging of medical industries and hospital materials transfer.

This product is suitable for most industries due to its initial unloading speed.

Most of the industries that welcome this product are packaging industry, production of wood products and membranes, pharmaceutical factories, production of vacuum forming molds, home appliance manufacturing factories, refrigeration, material transfer, food vacuum, industrial resin bubbling, Rubber and polymer industries can be named.

DVP 160 Dezpart Vacuum Pump is one of the best-selling Dezpart products in various industries. Until March 2020, over 1,800 units of this product are working in Iranian factories and industrial centers.

The Dezpart DVP 200 vacuum pump has been able to overshadow an important part of the advanced industries and plays a role in semi-heavy projects in production lines. Most factories and brick kilns use this type of pump. Mineral stone processing and Ceramic tile factories use it in their production lines.

Another most widely used Dezpart products in factories with at least 7 hours use per day, is DVP 250 vacuum pump.

Updated design and construction of this pump has caused the overall temperature of the pump much lower than other similar products in operating conditions. Of course, it has a direct effect on increasing the useful life and efficiency of the pump.

The DVP 300 vacuum pump creates vacuum directly for various purposes. However for some usages such as hospital vacuum systems which needs negative pressure in the range of -4000 mbar to -7000 mbar, it is installed on top of the tanks.

Some industries use this product such as: Oil refining factories, production lines, wood and MDF processing factories, brick kilns, etc.

Central suction is a fixed system designed and produced to create a vacuum and can be branched into different parts to use a vacuum. Dezpart Central Vacuum Systems Design Unit has the ability to implement intelligent design in order to improve performance and efficiency according to the type of activity of each set.

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