Dezpart vacuum pump coupling

The coupling is a cast iron device with its own alloy that transmits the rotational motion of the electric motor to the shaft and then to the pump.

Coupling is a device that connects two rotating pieces.

Always keep in mind that choosing the right and proper coupling for your device will significantly increase the life, maintenance costs and downtime.

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Coupling applications

1. Provide shaft connection to devices such as motors and generators that are built separately, as well as disconnection during repairs or relocations

2. Provide the ability to nominate shafts and create mechanical flexibility

3. Reduce sudden transitions from one shaft to another

4. Overload protection

5. Changing the vibrational properties of rotating equipment

6. Connect the driver section

7. Power transfer from one end to the other (such as power transfer from motor to pump in coupling)

Characteristics of each coupling

1. How to install

2. Authorized nomination

3. Body flexibility

4. Torque transmission capacity

5. Minimum and maximum hole diameter

6. Maximum speed range allowed

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