Dezpart vacuum pump separator filter

Overview of Dezpart vacuum pump separator filter

Another filter in the vacuum pump is the separator filter. In oil vacuum pumps, due to the presence of oil particles, the use of separating filter is very important.

Separator filter function in vacuum pump

The main function of the separator filter is to separate the air and oil in the vacuum pump.

Separator structure

The main structure of the separator filter is high-sensitivity microfiber glass (filter paper) on both sides.

How to separate air and oil in the separator filter?

Separation of air and oil inside the filter is done in two steps as follows:

1- Due to the collision of air-oil mixture with the body of the receiver, a significant part of compressor oil is separated along with the air.

2- The air passing through the receiver As a result of passing through the separator filter, most of the remaining oil in the air is separated and returned to the system.

When to replace the vacuum pump separator filter?

On average, separator filters in Dezpart vacuum pumps need to be replaced after every 3,000 hours of operation.

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