Dezpart vacuum pump seal


In the past, due to the lack of precision tools, felt was used to prevent leakage of water, oil and… . felt was used because of its absorbing feature.

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Types of Radial shaft seal

1. Silicone radial shaft seal

In places where the temperature is less than 250 degrees Celsius, silicone seals are used.

2. Wheaton radial shaft seal

If temperature is above 250 ° C at the place of installation, Wheaton seals are used.

3. Carbon radial shaft seal

If the place is dry or has gas pressure, carbon radial shaft seal should be used.

4. NBR

These are used in places that do not have high temperatures.

5. Double spring radial shaft seal

This type of radial shaft seal is used in places where it has movement.

Some industries use this product:

Oil recycling factories, machinery and production lines, wood and MDF processing factories, brick kilns, etc. can be mentioned.

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