Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 100

This product is suitable for most industries due to its initial discharge speed.

Most of the industries using this product are packaging industries, wood products and membranes, pharmaceutical factories, production of vacuum forming templates, home appliance manufacturing factories, refrigeration, transfer of materials, food vacuum, rubber and polymer industries.

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General features of DVP 100 vacuum pump

Dimensions of the pump, including the dust filter chamber:

The DVP 100 Vacuum Pump has vane rotary function, which centrifugal force created by rotor rotation in the stator chamber and vacuum blades rotation creates vacuum.


Performance review of DVP 100 final vacuum

The amount of negative pressure created by the DVP100 pump at lowest level (next to the sea level) and the pressure of 1 atmosphere is equal to 0.5 mbar.

Very low noise flow (about 55 decibels) is a special advantage of this product. The power of the electric motor is 1.5 kWh.

The dust filter installed at the inlet of the pump prevents penetrating any material and dust to the pump and multiplies the useful life of the pump. This pump requires about 3 liters oil, which is replaced according to the instructions at the specific working hours. The general service of this pump is simple and easy for the user, which is one of the advantages of this product. This product is registered in the Industrial Property Registration Office.

Matching space and vacuum tanks

This pump is used directly in most industries, the role of dust filter and pump inlet is very important in this situation, because if material escape to the pump, it may cause serious damages and on the other hand the amount of pump suction volume decreases by passing time and filter clogging.

So don’t forget to keep the pump inlet.

If you need to connect the pump to vacuum tanks, consider the following points:

– To choose the right vacuum tank, the following questions will be asked:

1. How much does your vacuum need in a day?

2. How far is the productivity line, from vacuum to the central vacuum and the piping route?

3. In general, DVP 100 is suitable for 700 to 1500 liters tanks. to increase efficiency and productivity, it is recommended to install a spare pump on the tank. Contact us for more details and best selection.

DVP 100 pump specification table

DVP 100 in comparison to other vacuum pumps

If you have any doubts about choosing this product or you think the technical specifications of this product do not meet your needs, we suggest you to compare this product with other Dezpart vacuum pumps and make the right choice.

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