dezpart vacuum pump model dvp 80

DVP 80 oil vacuum pump

Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 80 is one of the most widely used vacuum pumps that are used in various industries such as vacuum forming industry, packaging of medical industries and hospital materials transfer.

This vacuum pump, like other Dezpart products, has an oily vane rotary mechanism.

Circulating oil system is the factor that makes this pump one of the permanent products.

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General features of DVP 80 vacuum pump

In a DVP 80 pump, the final vacuum pressure is half a millibar at atmospheric pressure.

The pump temperature during operation is about 55 degrees Celsius.

This pump with very low noise is suitable for use in quiet environments.

The unique design and optimal structure of the pump make periodic services easily possible and do not require any other service except changing the oil and filters according to the periodic service instructions.


Matching space and vacuum tanks

This product is suitable for 500 and 1000 liter tanks. If two pumps are used for the vacuum system, the vacuum tank can also be increased. keep in mind that using vacuum pumps isn’t for increasing the capacity of the tank but it’s the first backup.

Our suggestion is to measure the vacuum system distance from the consumer line according to the amount of vacuum consumption and area.

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DVP 80 pump specification table

DVP 80 in comparison to other vacuum pumps

If you have any doubts about choosing this product or you think the technical specifications of this product do not meet your needs, we suggest you to compare this product with other Dezpart vacuum pumps and make the right choice.


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