Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 300

The DVP 300 vacuum pump creates vacuum directly for various purposes. However for some usages such as hospital vacuum systems which needs negative pressure in the range of -4000 mbar to -7000 mbar, it is installed on top of the tanks.

Some industries use this product such as: Oil refining factories, production lines, wood and MDF processing factories, brick kilns, etc.

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General features of DVP 300 vacuum pump

Some of our customers use vacuum tanks for their vacuum pumps according to the required volume and flow.

This has its disadvantages, which we will point them in this article in general.

The internal vacuum pressure of the tank is controlled by a vacuum switch. In this way, it starts the pump in an adjustable range and at the second defined point, it commands to turn off.

Keep in mind this interval consists of a variable amount of pressure that may have significant effects on your production process. Therefore, a vacuum pump with a higher flow rate should be used linearly and directly.

DVP 300 vacuum pump, directly creates vacuum for various purposes, but it can be explained for applications such as hospital vacuum system negative pressure in the range of -4000 mbar to -7000 mbar is required that is installed on top of tanks.

Industries use this product:

Oil refineries, production lines, wood and MDF processing factories, brick kilns, etc.

Other features of DVP 300 vacuum pump

Sizes of the DVP 300 vacuum pump is as follows:

Length: 105 cm, width 55 cm, height considering the installation of the dust filter 85 cm.

According to the installation instructions which is sent with the pump, the space used for installation must be at least 2 or 3 times larger than the pump. The space should be well ventilated. This pump requires 8.5 liters oil.

Performance review of DVP 300 final vacuum

The motion mechanism of the DVP 300 is similar to the other pumps of the Dezpart company and it is in the form of vane rotary pupms.

The rotor moves in the stator chamber at 1420 rpm and as the rotational motion creates a centrifugal force the vacuum blades are thrown out and continues to move and evacuate air continuously.

The material used in the rotor and stator is well anti-wear and can tolerate mechanical hits.

DVP 300 can create -0.5 mbar pressure. This amount of pressure is defined in space with a pressure of 1 atmosphere.

Matching space and vacuum tanks

DVP300 can be connected directly to the vacuum system.

filter and crepe are installed in the inlet path to prevent entering any kid of objects ad dust. Stone processing factories are one of these production lines.

If your production line needs a little vacuum pressure, it is better to prevent excessive operation by installing the pump on the vacuum tank. You will also have a saved vacuum space by doing this permanently so that in some cases, damages to other machines will be prevented.

We recommend 2000 to 5000 liters tank for this pump but depending on the amount of negative pressure required and other factors, including the number of simultaneous vacuum consumers can be varied.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

DVP 300 pump specification table

DVP 300 in comparison to other vacuum pumps

If you have any doubts about choosing this product or you think the technical specifications of this product do not meet your needs, we suggest you to compare this product with other Dezpart vacuum pumps and make the right choice.

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