Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 250

Another most widely used Dezpart products in factories with at least 7 hours use per day, is DVP 250 vacuum pump.

Updated design and construction of this pump has caused the overall temperature of the pump much lower than other similar products in operating conditions. Of course, it has a direct effect on increasing the useful life and efficiency of the pump.

Also, the uniformity level of vacuum pressure is remarkably desirable due to temperature control and the rate of expansion and contraction in the rotor and stator space and has a special distinction compared with other similar products.

This model is mostly used in wood processing factories and wood industry machinery, transportation, medical and hospital industries, vacuum furnaces, Oil Purifier Factory, rubber industries and disposal tableware factories.

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General features of DVP 250 vacuum pump

The DVP 250 vacuum pump works with electro-motor (5.5 kW , 1480 rpm.)

The suction mouth diameter and the output of the pump is 2 inches. This device has two-stage dust filter in its inlet path.

This pump is about 200 kg weight and to install, a space of about 1.5 by 1.5 square meters is required.

The length of the pump is 1 meter – the width of the pump is 55 cm and its height is 80 cm.

Keep in mind to choose a space with good air circulation and proper ventilation.

Performance review of DVP 250 final vacuum

The mechanism and structure of this type of Dezpart products are vane rotary which performs suction and vacuum operations by rotating the rotor and continuously moving the air through the blades.
Because thermal bearing oils (vacuum oil) are used, extreme heat is created due to the blades friction in the stator space.. Therefore, the air sucked in is mixed with the oil inside the stator and the exhaust air is mixed with the oil.
Air oil separator filter at the pump outlet is used to filter the air coming out of the pump and be free of any contaminants.
The final vacuum of DVP 250 is 0.5 mbar.
Electro-motor power in this pump is 5.5 Kw.


Matching space and vacuum tanks

If you are planning to use DVP 250 simultaneously with another pump, pay attention to the following points:

1. The pressure of the vacuum pumps running simultaneously on the tank should be the same.

2. If your activity is such that the tank is rapidly approaching ambient pressure, or in other words, your vacuum consumption is high, it is better to use a vacuum pump permanently. Because excessive switching on and off not only don’t extend the life of the pump, but also cause damages.

We recommend a 2,000 liter to 3,000 liters tank for the DVP 250 pump. The DVP 250 pump is capable of discharging 2,000-liters tank at about 1 minute.

DVP 250 pump specification table

DVP 250 in comparison to other vacuum pumps

If you have any doubts about choosing this product or you think the technical specifications of this product do not meet your needs, we suggest you to compare this product with other Dezpart vacuum pumps and make the right choice.

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