Dezpart vacuum pump model DVP 200

DVP 200 oil vacuum pump


The Dezpart DVP 200 vacuum pump has been able to overshadow an important part of the advanced industries and plays a role in semi-heavy projects in production lines. Most factories and brick kilns use this type of pump. Mineral stone processing and Ceramic tile factories use it in their production lines.

This pump is suitable for central vacuum system, for hospitals with 300 to 500 beds and 5 surgery rooms.

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General features of DVP 200 vacuum pump

This pump has 1,0.5 suction valve. Its air outlet is 2 inches.

The size of the device: Length: 82 cm – Width: 50 cm and height Considering the installation of the dust filter: 55 cm.

This pump can tolerate about 2.5 liters of water vapor in one hour and remove it by the gas flow valve.

Performance review of DVP 200 final vacuum

This pump has an independent one-way valve and prevents air from returning after it is turned off.

The 200 DVP vacuum pump creates vacuum by centrifugal force of the blades and rotational motion of the rotor. The final pressure created by the pump is 0.5 mbar.

Matching space and vacuum tanks

To accurately choose the suitable vacuum pump for your production lines, the length and the size of the pipeline route, the calculation of possible leaks during the operation are important.

Under standard conditions, this pump is suitable for moving materials with similar viscosities to water, up to 4 or 5 meters height.

Keep in mind factors such as amount of materials selected to transfer must also be considered when choosing the type of pump.

If the required process needs to use the pump simultaneously with the vacuum tank, we recommend connecting a 200 DVP vacuum pump to a 1500 to 2000 liters tank under standard condition.

Keep in mind using a spare pump increases the useful life of the vacuum pump and prevents damages from system crashes to your product line.

DVP 200 pump specification table

DVP 200 in comparison to other vacuum pumps

If you have any doubts about choosing this product or you think the technical specifications of this product do not meet your needs, we suggest you to compare this product with other Dezpart vacuum pumps and make the right choice.


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