Single-stage and two-stage vacuum pump

One question that often the mind of a craftsman related to the field of vacuum to get involved. It is basically a “vacuum pump, single stage and two stage mean?
And also which for me is more appropriate?
Us to improve the working conditions of Which one should we use?
To better understand the subject, we will describe the function of each one

Single stage vacuum pump

Single-stage vacuum pump or single-stage vacuum pump in terms of mechanism and structure consists of a cylinder or stator chamber and a rotor. Pumps are called single-stage or single-stage.

Single-stage vacuum pumps, in turn, include a variety of vacuum pumps, including the circulating cold-circulation water piston pump, so it is recommended for all purposes that require a vacuum between one It is necessary to use this sample of pump up to ten millibars. This pump also includes different discharges that are in the range of 3 cubic meters per hour up to 1500 cubic meters per hour, which is usually in the structure of small and laboratory discharges from 3 Cubic meters up to 20 cubic meters per hour do not have micro-separator output filters, and in this case, sometimes some smoke and vapors are observed during the operation of this type of pump, which is due to the structure of the pump. Click here
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Two-stage vacuum pump

Two-stage vacuum pump or the same vacuum pump in stage has a single-stage vacuum pump mechanism , in addition to which has a support chamber for rotor and stator or piston. In this type of pump, cylinder or piston chamber in the first stage of space or tank The vacuum is reduced to a negative pressure between one tenth to 2 millibars, and then the second stage of the pump can reduce the pressure and the final discharge to one thousand millibars to produce the pump type by various mechanisms such as rotary blade and piston or Reversing or turbine and diaphragm diaphragm is used. If we want to describe the production range of this type of pump, we can mention that this pump is produced in the range of 3 cubic meters per hour and 200 cubic meters per hour and is marketed in Sometimes a two-stage vacuum pump is also called a backup pump because in some cases the vacuum tank firstWith a vacuum pump, single-stage negative pressure between a tenth mbar up to two mbar leads and then double pump vacuum two-stage pressure created much reduced due to the structure of the vacuum Several suggest
the pump in the laboratory, such as vacuum pumps single stage of Azvz micron filters, oil separators do not have to put so much steam and smoke is normal
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